About LEAD Fitness

At LEAD Fitness we're about helping you find the lifestyle, environment, activity and diet that fits you. We will empower you to feel strong and confident!

Main focus points:

-Workouts designed for the busy mom

-Feeling strong throughout pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum

-Helping you feel safe and confident while training in pregnancy and postpartum

-Core/ Pelvic floor strengthening

-Full body conditioning

-Constant support through even the most vulnerable times

-A love for your pregnant and post baby body

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For years I logged hours on cardio equipment, scared to take a day off as I thought it would some how make me gain weight. I over cut calories thinking less is better, barely consumed a sweet treat and deprived myself of all “unhealthy” cravings. 

Fast forward to my first pregnancy. In order to achieve hormonal balance I was forced to up my caloric intake, stop all cardio training and focus on restoring my bodies balance. 

I wanted to keep up my strength, balance and overall health during my pregnancy and through postpartum. As a fitness trainer I honestly felt lost and this is when I became eager to learn more. It is my passion to help other moms/ moms to be heal, feel strong and confident in their pregnancy/ postpartum bodies. It’s time to invest in yourself and help me guide you through efficient, safe and effective workouts.

-Brooke Steinlicht

Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach