Healthy Habits for life

Personal Training


Our certified trainers are here to push you, motivate you and take your health/ fitness to the next level. We work with each client in determining goal/s, setting up your foundation and constantly building upon it. We have different rates per trainer and offer packages or monthly training fees.


4 sessions $100

TEAM Training


Our TEAM Training classes are built on gaining strength, burning fat and simply feeling better! Led by a personal trainer you will get the most up to date workout programs while being motivated in a group setting.  It is our goal to support you to elevate your fitness routine in an affordable, fun way. 

Please contact us for a schedule and pricing options. 

Basic Membership


Perfect for the do it yourself fitness enthusiast with full access to group fitness classes and our line of strength and cardio equipment.  Locker rooms include  saunas, shower rooms, and daily locker access.

Add ons for program design, tanning, locker rentals, and towel service are also available!

 Having the ability to workout in a TEAM setting is just what I needed to get back into the working out routine-not only with the how and what to do as a workout but also the accountability factor. I love that there is an option of a 5:15 class so that I can get a great workout in before I go to work. Since starting, not only have I lost pounds and inches, I have also gained so much strength and energy. I look forward to continuing this training with Tanner and to see what results I can reach in the upcoming months with his guidance. 

-Jeff B