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My passion for health and fitness started when I was in high school. Before my junior year I had one goal and that was to make the varsity hockey team the following year. That summer I dropped 80 pounds. I ran at night so others couldn't see, cut my calories drastically and did this in a route that's not considered healthy. After that summer it was my goal to educate myself on gaining muscle and maintaining this weight loss. 

This led me to UW-Stout and my college degree. I graduated from UW-Stout with a masters in nutritional sciences. It is now my passion to help others on their own path.

-Tanner Steinlicht




For years I logged hours on cardio equipment, scared to take a day off as I thought it would some how make me gain weight. I over cut calories thinking less is better, barely consumed a sweet treat and deprived myself of all “unhealthy” cravings. 

Fast forward to my first pregnancy. In order to achieve hormonal balance I was forced to up my caloric intake, stop all cardio training and focus on restoring my bodies balance. 

I wanted to keep up my strength, balance and overall health during my pregnancy and through postpartum. As a fitness trainer I honestly felt lost and this is when I became eager to learn more. It is my passion to help other moms/ moms to be, heal, feel strong and confident in their pregnancy/ postpartum bodies. It’s time to invest in yourself and help me guide you through efficient, safe and effective workouts.

-Brooke Steinlicht

BS, Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach

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Newest owner of the club :) Porter loves saying "hi" and waving bye. He loves doing squats all day long and tends to be a pretty tough trainer. 

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