bodyworks virtual fitness coaching

Take your workouts anywhere, anytime!

What's Included:

-2 Full body strength training/ conditioning workouts for each week to fit your exact stage 

(beginner, intermediate, advanced programs)

-Proven workouts for gaining strength, mobility, full body toning and fat loss

-Access from computer or phone with video/ explanation of every exercise

-Spend NO more than 45 minutes on your workouts

-Strength training updated monthly following a progressive overload

*includes 1 time assessment, private facebook group with access to certified trainers/ nutritionists

Pre/Post Natal Specific Workouts:

-Feel strong throughout pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum

-Helping you feel safe and confident while training in pregnancy and postpartum

-2 Strength workouts for each month of pregnancy and two months postpartum (once doctor cleared)

 -Low Impact short workouts with a focus on pelvic floor, glutes, upper body/ posture 

-Core/ Pelvic floor strengthening

-Full Body Strength that changes with you




Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

BodyWorks Members: $10/month

Non-BodyWorks Members: $20/month

Cancel Anytime 


1 on 1 Coaching

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

3 personalized workouts per week, access to private Facebook group, 1 on 1 email coaching, nutrition guidance, monthly assessment

3 month commitment required